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Hotel Beringin - Hotel Facilities
Hotel Facilities
We have 66 Rooms ranging from standard rooms to suite rooms with 24 hour room service. Every room was designed to give the most comfort to our guests as the standard of elegant hotel

Room Type :

  1. Suite Room
  2. Executive Room
  3. Deluxe Room
  4. Superior Room
  5. Standard Room

Public Facilities :

1. Nyonya King Restaurant
with special menu ( Chinese Food ) :
For a taste of genuine Chinese cuisine, come to Nyonya King Restaurant and enjoy our dishes such as Shiang Hay Soup, Lu Fung - Shrimp-bacon-chicken roll in sweet and sour sauce , Cap Cay - Cuts of meat and variety of vegetables and many other favorites.

2. Senjoyo Pool Bar and Restaurant :

A perfect place to hang out or meet with friends - where pool, bar and restaurant complete each other in one area - overlooking the natural landmarks of Salatiga : Mountain Merbabu and Rawa Pening.

3. Khayangan Bar and Restaurant
with special menu European Food and Barbequee :
Discover as well the beauty of Salatiga at nite at khayangan bar and restaurant - our open air restaurant on the top floor that serves Barbequee and European food

4. Gong Lounge
Please enjoy our Lounge comfort where you can relax together with your friends and family. With our refreshing cocktail beverages and a cup of coffee, your conversation will be fun.

5. Meeting Room
We offer 3 main meeting rooms ( Sriwedari I, II, II ) located in one building with maximum capacity of 200 people altogether, One other room which is suitable for maximum 100 people

6. Children Play Area
We provide facilities of library for children. Children can also play wooden log and playdough ( wax ) so that their intelligences and skill can be sharpened.

7. Free Hot Spot Internet Connection
Free High-Speed Internet Access in All Guest Rooms and Wi-Fi in Public Areas
Free hotspots can be found in many locations in the hotel. access is available in the lobby, poolside, lounge, and Restaurant

8. Swimming Pool
Stay out and relax in our indoor swimming pool, which instantly helps the body recover from a day of work.

9. Tania Florist

Share the moment with the flowers