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Nyonya King Restaurant
For a taste of genuine Chinesse cuisine, come to Nyonya King Restaurant and enjoy our dishes such as Shiang Hay Soup, Lu Fung ( shrimp-bacon-chicken roll in sweet and sour sauce ), Cap Cay ( cuts of meat and variety of vegetables ) and many other favourites.



This Elegantly stylish hotel focuses on providing high standards of comfort and service. Whether you are traveling for business, peasure or planning a meeting, Le BERINGIN Hotel always tries its best to make your trip comfortable and sucessful.

Welcome to Le BERINGIN The Elegant Hotel in Salatiga.

Le BERINGIN is located just in the heart of Salatiga. in the vicinity of shops, banks, a drugstore, food stalls and many other conviniences. We have 71 Rooms ranging from standard rooms to suite rooms with 24 hour room service. Every room was designed to give the most comfort to our guests as the standard of elegant hotel